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"MAXI" semi-finished single-portion Neapolitan Babà (60 pcs box)

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Neapolitan single-portion 'MAXI' Babà semi-finished (Box of 40 pieces)
Yeast dough sweet with typical shape (Semi-finished product).

Product Specifications:

- Single piece weight (g): approximately 46

- Pieces per box:
approximately 60 pieces

- Storage:
6 months from production date (Store in a cool place, NO FRIDGE)

How to soak the babà
Ingredients for Syrup preparation:
water: liters 1
sugar: grams 500/600
rum: to taste

1) dissolve the sugar well in the water, bringing it all to a temperature not exceeding 60°;
2) when the heat is off, add the rum and mix it into the syrup;
3) immerse the 'babà' and let them absorb the solution themselves, (to speed up this process it is possible to keep them completely immersed or with your hands or by placing a plate on top);
4) when they are completely soaked, gently take them and place them on a wire rack or on a slightly inclined surface, to allow the excess syrup to drain;
5) after 5 minutes, slowly press them horizontally, holding the stem with one hand and the head with the other. The 'babà' is ready.

N.B.: if pressed too quickly, the liquid inside the product will cause damage to the product itself.

Technical notes in soaking operations include some key elements which are listed below:
• the hotter the syrup, the faster the babà soak;
• however, the hotter the syrup, the greater the risk of breaking them. Therefore, we recommend a maximum temperature of 60°;
• the more sugar dense the syrup, the longer it takes to completely soak the product which will obviously swell less;
• the less dense the syrup, the less time it takes to soak the product which will definitely be more swollen;
• therefore: if a syrup is very sweet, it must be hotter; if it is less sweet, it must be less hot.

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