Semi-finished baba mignon (3 kg carton)

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Typical shaped yeast dough cake (Semi-finished product).
-Single piece weight (gr): about 8

-Pieces per box: about 375pcs 

- Storage method: 6 months from the production date (keep in a cool place, NO FRIDGE).

Babà soaking procedure:

Syrup ingredients:
water: 1 liter
sugar: 500/600 grams
rum: to taste

1) dissolve the sugar well in the water, bringing everything to a temperature no higher than 60°;
2) with the heat off, add the rum and mix it with the syrup ;
3) immerse the "babas" in them and let them absorb the solution by themselves (to speed up this process it is possible to keep them completely immersed either with your hands or by placing a plate on them);
4) when they are completely soaked , take them gently and place them on a grid or on a slightly inclined surface, so as to allow the excess syrup to drip;
5) after 5 minutes, slowly press them in a horizontal position, holding the stem with one hand and with the other head. The “babà” is ready.

N.B.: if the pressing operation is done too quickly, the liquid contained inside the product will cause injury to the product itself in order to escape suddenly.

Technical notes in the soaking operations, some elements should be kept in mind which we list below:
• the hotter the syrup, the sooner the babas get wet;
• however, the hotter the syrup, the greater the risk of breaking them. For this we recommend a maximum temperature of 60°;
• the denser a syrup is with sugar and the more time it takes to completely wet the product which will obviously swell less;
• the less dense the syrup is and the less time will be to wet the product which will certainly be swollen;
• therefore: if a syrup is very sweet it must be hotter; if it is less sweet it must be less hot.

INGREDIENTS: type "0" wheat flour, eggs, entirely vegetable margarine composed of (vegetable oils and fats, water, acidity regulator, flavourings), sugar, salt, natural yeast.

Average value per 100 g of product Energy value 1934 kj/462 Kcal - Proteins 14.9g Carbohydrates 48.36g - of which sugars 5.47g - Fats 22.76g - of which saturated 9.61g - Dietary fibers 2.10g – Salt 0.66g

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