Who we are


Neapolitan tradition and flavors that come from far away and today reach everywhere.


Madò Pasticceriawas born almost from a game, the one that in 2018 led a young man, just 25 years old, to bet on a project capable of combining the Italian and Campania confectionery vocation with a modern way to do business.

The intuition of Domenico Napoletano was to invent an artisan workshop with the main sale through online channels for the production of typical Italian but above all Campania sweets: therefore babà, pastiera, panettoni, colombe , stuffed Easter eggs but above all spreadable creams in more than 26 different and unbeatable flavours. A new mood of sophistication and creativity that would meet the palate and desire for novelty of the younger generations.


The widespread use of female workforce and a marked sensitivity for environmental protection complete the portrait of a jewel company that remains a great artisanal pastry workshop where all the processes, from processing to packaging, with great care in the choice of packaging and decoration, are now carried out by hand.

All this can only be the fruit and treasure at the same time of a lesson in knowledge and flavors which, despite the large numbers achieved, has maintained that character of manual skill that makes Madò Pasticceria s.r.l. a success story

A further strong point is represented by the possibility of customizing orders. Customers have the freedom to tailor their purchases based on personal preferences, creating a highly personalized shopping experience.

Furthermore, they can benefit from shipping both in Italy and in Europe. This ensures that Madò's delicious products are accessible to a wider audience, in line with the company's belief that excellence should be within everyone's reach.

Madò Horeca and More...

The success of the B2C channel with Madò Pasticceria and in particular with the sale of spreadable creams, has led to the development of a new project dedicated to the HO.RE.CA sector.

Madò Horeca is the brand designed for online and offline B2B sales through the website, Amazon, Alibaba and an Italian and foreign commercial network (with representatives and local wholesalers) created to offer its customers (Hotels, ice cream parlors, pizzerias, restaurants, B&Bs, bars, mini markets and supermarkets) spread creams in many formats and typical Italian and Campania products.